Nine Road Trip Apps You’ll Want for Your Next Adventure

Travel is nice, no buts about it. But do you know what makes it even better? Road trip apps. They can truly enhance your plans, and not just by assisting with navigation. Some help you find a great restaurant along the way — others, a bathroom. Road trip apps are your own personal concierge.

Here are some great apps you should take along your next big outing:

Lost or Hungry?

Waze: This is a great app to use whether you’re traveling in your hometown or in a land far, far away. It’s like having a lot of good friends who warn you of the routes that are congested and where the speed traps are. All useful things, particularly when you’re in uncharted territory. The app gives you multiple routes based on real-time traffic information sourced from the Waze community.

SitOrSquat: When nature calls, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got SitOrSquat on your phone. The app will show you where all those public-access bathrooms are tucked away and help you find one nearby. Because you can’t always find a tree or bush.

Foodspotting: Sure, everyone knows Yelp has a foodie community eager to help you find the best of the best. But if you’re on the market for a specific dish — tacos, gluten-free pizza or vegan cupcakes, for instance — Foodspotting users have you covered. Five stars mean nothing if they aren’t rating the grub your craving. Maybe that should be their slogan.

GasBuddy: You know what you should never run out of on a road trip? Good music (TuneIn and Spotify can help with that). Also, gas. GasBuddy is a hive that helps like-minded travelers find the cheapest gas with real-time reports. And other users can report on good prices to help you save more along the way.

Environmentally Conscious?

TripIt: Gone are the days when you’ve got to print every reservation and shuffle through pieces of paper trying figure out what fun activities you’ve scheduled for the day. TripIt helps you organize all your itineraries, from hotel and restaurant reservations to flights and car rentals. Every little bit helps when you limit your waste and go digital.

CityMaps2Go: Finding Wi-Fi is like a complicated and inconvenient scavenger hunt. CityMaps2Go to the rescue! This one lets you pre-load maps and guides to more than 15,000 destinations around the world.

Looking for Fun?

ATM Hunter: It would be really unfortunate if the hole-in-the-wall diner was cash-only and you had a wallet full of plastic. So when you’re facing the toughest dilemma of your life — that is, figuring out how to access more cash so you can spend it all — the ATM Hunter app can help you find machines nearby. Problem solved.

Along the Way: Part of the fun of travel is not knowing where you’ll end up. It’s unfamiliar territory. An adventure. The Along The Way App can help you find parks, shops and landmarks on your route so you don’t miss any of them.

SelfieX: The selfie will never go out of style. But your front-facing camera isn’t all that. And you want your jealousy-inducing photos that you’ll immediately share on social media to be good. SelfieX gets your primary camera (on the back of the phone) working for you. How? The app provides vocal directions to ensure you’re in frame before automatically taking the picture once you’re positioned just right.

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