Focal-Point Design Ideas to Define Your Interior Spaces

What’s the secret to successful home design? Any pro will tell you it’s all about balance. When you design in layers, creating a visual hierarchy with one star of the show and several supporting characters, you foster a sense of harmony in the space.

Every well-designed room has a focal point — it’s the first thing that grabs your attention as you enter. As the most dominant detail in the space, everything else revolves around this feature. Take a look at these design ideas to create focal points that will help you create a space that leaves a big impression.

Highlight That Feature Wall

When your space doesn’t already have an eye-catching architectural feature — a rustic fireplace or picture windows framing a bucolic view, for example — you can create your own focal point with a feature wall. One instant way to achieve this is to simply add a vibrant wallpaper to set the mood of the room. From modern geometric patterns to lush botanical prints that can make your indoor space feel like the outdoors, there are countless wallpaper styles that can transform any feature wall — or an entire room. Set your main furniture pieces, like an upholstered headboard with a unique shape, against your feature wall to showcase your key design elements.

Your Ceiling as Art

Don’t overlook your ceilings as an important part of a room’s design. Because it takes up such a large area, a ceiling design feature makes a dramatic impact. You can make your ceiling a focal point by painting the wall in a contrasting color to the rest of your space, installing wood beams, covering the ceiling in a wallpaper design or adding a decorative element, such as a ceiling medallion or a stencil design. Anything that draws the eye upward can up the wow factor of your space. Be sure to paint your other walls in neutral or lighter tones to attract attention toward the ceiling.

Light Fixtures Like Bling

Consider your light fixtures as jewelry to accessorize your home in addition to their functionality. With so many sculptural and whimsical options to choose from, they can bring a little bit of glam to any space. In a dining room, for instance, you can create a focal point above your dining table with an eye-catching light fixture above — this will accentuate the center of the room. Long, multipendant fixtures coordinate well with a long table, while a round fixture works well with a round table. One last layer: highly efficient LED lighting, which can enhance the light chemistry of a space and pull it all together.

Show Off Those Surfaces

Details like your counters aren’t what you immediately think of as a focal point, but they’re worth investing in for a standout design. In a kitchen or bathroom, you can make a focal point from a cool countertop — there are plenty to choose from, including natural stone with interesting patterns and post-consumer materials with recycled bits of glass — or a backsplash with colorful tiles. You can also accentuate the character and charm of your cabinets with accent lighting underneath them or general lighting above.

Select Stunning Furnishings and Fixtures

A focal point can be as simple as a piece of furniture or a fixture that makes a statement: a shapely sofa in a bold color, a beautiful free-standing tub or an ornate vanity mirror. Remember, not every piece can be the main attraction. In order for your focal point to truly shine in the middle of its surroundings, all the other accents should be more subdued so they don’t compete for attention. When you focus on one especially captivating, quality piece, it can lend a more high-end look to the entire space.

Use focal points to tie every aspect of your interior together in a fresh and stylish way. Let these design ideas inspire you to layer each room in your home with personal touches that make it look carefully curated and feel more like home.

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