Eight Home Improvement Podcasts to Inspire New Perspectives

Home improvement podcasts are growing in number and popularity — just like the entire podcast spectrum. This year, 21 percent of Americans reported having listened to a podcast in the past month, up from 12 percent in 2013, according to the Pew Research Center. Many of these new converts are commuters listening on mobile devices. Here are eight podcasts to sample from during your commute or your workout, from top home improvement podcasts to a few extras just for fun.

1. ‘The Money Pit’

Even if your home isn’t a money pit, you’ll enjoy this wide-ranging, highly produced radio call-in show co-hosted by home improvement gurus Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete. Two episodes are released each week and last about 48 minutes apiece, with tips and advice on easy improvements, getting your home ready for different seasons and cutting energy costs.

2. ‘Home: On’

Home control and automation get the focus here. Host Richard Gunther talks to industry insiders and consumer representatives, sharing news and ideas on the growing trend of smart home automation. Topics include smart home venting, smart kitchens and what’s new at the Consumer Electronics Show.

3. ‘Living Homegrown’

The theme here is a keeper: living farm-fresh without the farm. PBS’ Theresa Loe talks canning, crafting, small-space gardening and more. Curious about growing vegetables through the winter? How about backyard beekeeping? This is the one for you.

4. ‘Go Green Radio’

Environmental issues are discussed weekly in this one-hour podcast hosted by Jill Buck, founder of the Go Green Initiative. She brings it home on episodes about cost-efficient home heating systems, America’s greenest cities and the economic issues of clean-energy initiatives.

5. ‘Costing the Earth’

BBC Radio 4 takes a global view, exploring man’s impact on the environment and how it reacts. It’s weekly, lasts 27 minutes and reports on what’s being done around the globe to improve the environment. Pick up some tips to make your home greener from this one.

6. ‘Motley Fool Money’

Homeowners want to keep up with bigger economic trends, and so does anyone working and saving toward retirement while trying to live responsibly. This 40-minute weekly report on business news, investing stories, stocks and more should be useful to just about anyone who wants to stay financially informed.

7. ‘The Energy Show’

Solar energy contractor and supplier Barry Cinnamon makes the case for rooftop solar panels in a weekly 20-minute discussion. He offers his perspective on economic issues, products and services — basically, it’s one guy talking. Some might find that less than compelling, while others will appreciate the geek-level passion. If you’re thinking about going solar, give it a listen.

8. ‘Homecoming’

OK, this one isn’t exactly a home improvement podcast. It’s a scripted, immersive piece of audio storytelling — maybe what our grandparents remember from radio serials — crossed with state-of-the-art audio effects. The psychological thriller concerns veterans returning to an experimental facility. An A-list cast of Hollywood actors including Catherine Keener and Oscar Isaac captivates listeners through six short episodes comprising season one. It’s perfect if you’ve been painting the same wall all day and need something a little more engaging to occupy your mind than that particular shade of eggshell.

Whether you need something to carry you through the long drive home, make your workout interesting or simply add fresh perspectives into your life, these podcasts are a great way to do it.

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