Bottle Crafts to Guarantee Your Favorite Wines Age With Style

The good times with your favorite wines don’t have to end just because you’ve come to the last drop. Do-it-yourself bottle crafts make it easy to repurpose empty wine bottles to spruce up your space or add a personal touch to your next party. Regardless of how crafty you consider yourself, these clever projects are easy enough to manage — and cool enough to ensure your favorite wines are the gift that keeps on giving, long after the final pour.

Create Custom Centerpieces

Planning a fundraising event, wedding, baby shower or dinner party? Even beginner crafters can transform empty wine bottles into customized centerpieces in about a half hour, using simple materials like chalk paint, burlap, lace, jute and adhesive tape. Using chalk paint to coat wine bottles can also be a clever way to create a DIY vase to collect notes from guests instead of a traditional guest book.

Give Your Souvenirs a Purpose

Holding onto a few special wine bottles as reminders of special occasions? Leave the labels intact, and fill about one-third of the bottle with sand or small decorative pebbles to transform it into a DIY bookend. Not only will your souvenirs have a functional purpose, they’ll also serve as conversation pieces that keep your favorite memories fresh in mind.

Build a Bookshelf

Got at least four empty wine bottles, wood planks and some hardware? You’re ready to make a modular wine-bottle bookshelf. Each modular shelf can be made using four wine bottles, two hook and eye strainers and two planks of wood — in just a few steps. Build the bookshelves to be as tall or as wide as you prefer to fit your custom space.

Wine Bottle Hurricanes

Wine bottle hurricanes placed over the top of tea light candles add hours of ambiance to any evening gathering. Don’t have the tools to cut glass? You can cut wine bottles using thermodynamics. Use a precise cutting tool (like a drill bit, a razor blade or an X-ACTO knife) to make a score line around the bottle where you want it to break. Place the bottle in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes, making sure the water is above the cut line, then immediately immerse the bottle in ice-cold water. When you hear cracking noises, hold the bottle on both ends, and give the bottle a firm twist to separate the glass. Once you’ve nailed the process of cutting wine bottles, you can up your bottle-craft game further to make wine bottle candles, too.

Make a Bird Feeder

Drill a hole into both sides of the wine bottle using a diamond drill bit (ideally about half an inch in diameter, depending on the type of birdseed you’ll use). Rebecca at the Garden-Roof Coop recommends keeping the bottle wet throughout the drilling the process and starting the drill before you hold it to the bottle to reduce the odds of it shattering. Drill slowly, aiming first at a 45-degree angle until you’ve successfully drilled both holes in the sizes you want. Attach a small, lightweight container to the bottom of the bottle, wrap copper wire around the neck of the wine bottle, and hang it from a tree or post. You’ll be the most popular house on the block when the birds fly back home this spring.

Brighten Your Space

Drill a hole into the side of a wine bottle. The experts at This Old House suggest using a three-quarter-inch tile bit and enlarging the hole as needed to insert a 50-foot string of lights. Place your bottle crafts atop a shelf, mantle or outdoor space for instant twinkle. Make it easier to remove the labels from the bottles with at least a half-hour soak in warm soapy water.

With these tricks up your sleev,e you’re not only on your way to achieving your dream to be a master craftsman (or woman) — you’re also adding a unique zero-waste touch to your home.

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